About Plan B Financing

You've always had a Plan A...its' time for a Plan B. 

Are you looking for a way out of the daily grind?  
Are you tired of living to work...and not just living? 
Are you finally ready to find financial freedom
Are you itching to get involved in the profitable world of real estate investment, but just don't know where to find the money
Are you already a real estate investor and looking for additional, unique funding streams?  

When traditional financing isn't the solution - WE ARE.
  • Plan B Financing is a private company, which means we can make our own rules about the projects that we fund.  We fund the person & the project - not just a credit score. 
  • We specialize in unconventional projects - bridge financing, rehabilitation loans, new investor loans, and purchase money loans for unique investment properties. 
  • Traditional banks and mortgage brokers often aren't creative enough to get you the cash you need to move quickly on a project -- we are...

...and that is why everyone needs a Plan B in life.